Entry #1

Coming to Newgrounds

2016-02-28 16:48:41 by DoopieDoOver

Hey guys! My name is Doopie and I orginally started uploading my work to YouTube. It's been a wonderful experience and I'd always wondered what it would be like to upload to Newgrounds. Initially, I was terrified, but now since uploading some of my work here, I'm so thankful. This community is a lot nicer than I expected, and I honestly feel so welcomed. Thank you so much.

I'll be uploading my work a little at a time. I hope that you guys enjoy what what I have. If you'd like to see more of my work, you can find me on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thank you all so much. 



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2016-02-28 18:22:04

Glad you came over hope you thrive here!

DoopieDoOver responds:

Thank you!


2016-02-28 19:24:23

Good art is good.


2016-03-01 23:03:34

Wow I knew we were a little edgy here, but terrifying? That's cool :)

If you've got a lot of animations under your belt, submitting one or two a week will do, getting known here is a marathon, not a sprint. Congrats on having one of your submissions front paged!

DoopieDoOver responds:

Yeah haha;;

thank you so much!


2016-03-02 20:18:31

why were you terrified? and welcome

DoopieDoOver responds:

I just heard a lot of bad things about the community here, so I was worried people wouldn't like my stuff.


2016-03-03 00:46:39

Newgrounds is a great place to upload your toons! The staff and mods are very active and friendly people.


2016-03-03 23:02:28

Welcome to newgrounds.

Oh yeah, the rumors were right, the community IS pretty terrible, but as far as your art goes there's not a whole lot to trigger anything bad towards you. Dont expect any kind of useful critique or meaningful comments.

DoopieDoOver responds:

Thank you!


2016-03-19 17:14:16

like youtube and all but they have been going steadily down hill as you can tell by all the videos on there own site by the content creators most copywrite crap thats not even founded but they even before had a better subscription set up that i hated after they changed and over all i feel like new-grounds is just better


2016-04-05 02:28:12

Wow your talent is brilliant!!
I would be so honord if u would take me as ur voice actress for ur animation :3


2016-04-18 10:22:37

Been following you on tumblr for a while. Nice to see you've made the transition to NG. It was a great place for me to get my creative juices flowing! Lots of talent starts here.


2016-04-19 19:51:13

Don't worry, NG won't bite anymore